Our Services

Preventative Care

The American Dental Association recommends routine cleanings and checkups every 6 months.  In order to maintain healthy teeth and gums we recommend you visit a dentist every 6 months.  This ensures that any oral health issues that may arise can be taken care of in a timely matter and disease processes can be caught at an early stage.  Patients with active gum disease may need to have more frequent routine visits.  In addition to your normal checkups and cleanings we offer sealants and in office fluoride treatment to protect your teeth.

Diagnostic Treatment

At Renaissance Dental we believe in comprehensive oral care.  Our exams include a thorough inspection of your mouth, teeth and gums and the head and neck region.  The doctor will then check for signs of cavities, gum problems, infections, oral cancer and any other signs of disease.  Our office is equipped with state of the art low radiation digital x-rays.  New patients will receive a full series of diagnostic x-rays.


Routine cleanings and maintenance of your teeth will ensure a healthy and bright smile.  Some patients may have active gum disease (periodontitis) and may require a deep cleaning.  A deep cleaning involves both the cleaning of your teeth above and the roots below your gums.  Our dentists are gentle and try to make the experience as comfortable as possible.


At Renaissance Dental, we only place tooth colored (composite) fillings.  We do not place traditional silver fillings that contain mercury.  We do this not only for aesthetically pleasing results, but also for patients that may have concerns about the mercury contained in silver fillings.  At Renaissance Dental, your health and satisfaction is our main concern.

Restorative care

When teeth are damaged and broken down or missing, we can restore them using a variety of techniques.  We offer natural looking crowns, bridges and dentures.  Often times patients may have difficulty eating or are apprehensive about smiling when they have damaged or missing teeth.  We want to make sure our patients leave our office with a huge smile and enjoy their favorite meals.

Root Canals

When a tooth is severely infect, sometimes it may need a root canal therapy to clean the tooth.  People often assume root canals are very unpleasant experiences and do not understand what they consist of.  A root canal treatment is simply the cleaning out of the nerve of your tooth and filling it in with a medicated material.  Anesthetic is used and our patients comfort is a top priority during these procedures.


An extraction may be necessary when all other means of saving a tooth has been exhausted.  Patients will be fully anesthetized (numb) during the procedure.  Our doctors strive to be as gentle and comforting as possible.  Most extractions are done at Renaissance Dental.

Cosmetic dentistry

In addition to keeping and maintain healthy teeth, we also want patients to have a beautiful smile.  We offer various methods that may improve the overall appearance of dark, chipped, missing or crooked teeth.  Please call for a consultation.


Stained teeth from coffee, smoking, certain foods and the natural aging process may be reversed with professional whitening.  At Renaissance Dental we want to whiten your teeth the healthiest and most comfortable way possible.  We use custom bleaching trays along with high quality professional grade whitening agents.

Dentistry for kids

Children are a huge part of our office here at Renaissance Dental.  We want to make sure each child leaves with a smile.  The doctor and our staff have a lot of patience and experience working with children.  We provide a theater and game room for the kids while they wait and ceiling mounted TV’s during their treatment.  This creates a pleasant environment for the children.  Parents are welcomed back in the operatories during the examination and most treatments.  Our sliding glass doors make it easy for parents to see all of their children.  After seeing the dentist, children will get to pick out a toy from our treasure chest and receive stickers and balloons.

Sedation Dentistry

For our patients that need a little extra help with their dental phobia or young children who may be apprehensive, we offer oral conscious sedation and allow patients to be in a state of comfort and calmness, but are not be completely asleep.  Our trained doctors will make sure you and your children are safe and comfortable.