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Children’s Dentistry – Fort Worth, TX

Children Deserve Comfortable Dentistry

Every growing smile has needs that are actually more unique than you’d think. Renaissance Dental understands what children like and have years of experience making their visits comfortable. Of course, we also make sure to teach your child how to take care of their teeth at home. As you get to know us, you’ll find we treat young patients as if they were our own, whether they need a checkup and cleaning, lifelike restorations, or a customized nightguard for their favorite sport. We’ll make sure they know the best steps to maintaining healthy oral habits that last a lifetime. Give us a call and we’ll get them scheduled for a visit to our office for children's dentistry in Fort Worth, TX!

Young boy and father smiling after children's dentistry visit

Why Choose Renaissance Dental for for Children’s Dentistry?

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings for Kids

Young girl giving dentist a high five after dental checkup visit

Does your child have all their baby teeth? Have they all fallen out and been replaced with permanent teeth? No matter how developed your child’s smile has become, it’s important to keep in mind that baby teeth play a major role in their development. At their checkups and cleanings, our kind and gentle team members will do everything they can to help your child prevent decay and teach them the best steps to keeping a healthy smile at home.

Dental Sealants

Young patient receiving dental sealants

Your child needs time to learn to brush and floss effectively, which means we’ll likely need to place dental sealants to protect their most vulnerable teeth while they learn. Dental sealants create a protective coating on enamel, ensuring food particles, plaque, and harmful acids can’t reach it. They are mainly applied to teeth containing deep pits and grooves, such as the molars. Application only takes minutes, yet is completely painless to perform! On top of that, they typically last about 10 years, giving them plenty of time to perfect their oral hygiene.

Fluoride Treatments

Young boy laughing after receiving fluoride treatment

While it’s true that patients of any age can benefit from fluoride treatment following a checkup and cleaning, this highly concentrated application is even more useful for children. Why? Since your child is still getting used to maintaining proper oral hygiene, they need all the help they can get to protect themselves from plaque acids and cavities. Once applied, the fluoride reinforces their enamel, dramatically reducing their risk of dental disease. The fluoride is applied immediately following their cleaning. In just a few minutes, they can expect their enamel to remain better protected for the next six months.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dentist checking young girl's tooth colored fillings

If your child starts developing a love for all things filled with sugar, it’s not exactly surprising. Cavities are actually quite common, which is why our team is more than prepared to address them, even in just a single appointment! Following the removal of any decay in their enamel, we can replace it with a durable, tooth-colored composite resin that blends in exactly with their tooth. This ensures that it won’t stand out in your child’s smile!

Athletic Mouthguards

Green athletic mouthguard hanging from football helmet

While dental emergencies can happen for many reasons, they generally occur because of injuries sustained when playing sports. Much like how you wouldn’t let your child on the field without a helmet or other safety equipment, they should always have a dedicated mouthguard before they play any sport with a high risk for impact. Our office’s custom-made oral appliances are far more comfortable and longer-lasting than store-bought options, ensuring your child will actually want to wear it.

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